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We look for Total Transparency in order to achieve our goal.

Every Vehicle We Sell:

  • Has Carfax and AutoCheck provided and posted on our website. Please note, a clean Carfax does not indicate a clean AutoCheck and vice versa. Furthermore, a clean Carfax and Autocheck does not necessarily mean no accidents, as all accidents are not reported. This is why we look for any indicators of damage and every car we sell has a structural/frame inspection done that is given to the customer for their records.
  • Has a clean title, no salvage-no branded titles.
  • Has 2 Keys. Average price per key + programming is $400.00.
  • Has a complete set of books and manuals.
  • Has if not new, close to new tires. If tires are old or weather cracked we replace them.
  • Has the same tire tread pattern and equal tread wear from the same manufacturer for 4 wheel drive or all wheel drive vehicles.
  • Has our own multi-point inspection that our customer receives upon purchase.

The Extras We Do:

  • We pay for a purchase guarantee that gives us a 21 day-360 mile period to scrutinize the vehicle and if it doesn’t fit our strict criteria it is returned to the seller.
  • We will not buy a vehicle with evidence of flooding, frame work or unacceptable previously repaired body work. If we detect extensive accident body work the vehicle goes back.
  • We encourage our customers for their peace of mind to have their own Pre-purchase inspection by an independant mechanic. If something is discovered that will have an impact for our customer buying the vehicle we will reimburse them for the cost of the inspection. If legitimate workable issues are discovered we will repair them or have a further discussion with our customer in order to balance the scale.
  • We make our customers aware of any open recalls and what they entail. If a remedy is available we have it done pre-sale and verification is given to the customer. If no remedy is available we register our customers information with the manufacturer to notify them when it is available. Note: All recall work done by an authorized dealer is always free.
  • For further peace of mind we provide GAP Ins and Vehicle Service Contracts for our customers who purchase vehicles from us.
  • We also provide Vehicle Service Contracts for privately owned vehicles currently on the road that meet our strict criteria - What peace of mind that is!
  • All done from the comfort of our indoor Boutique Dealership while you enjoy our variety of Starbucks coffees or teas and cookies! Come in and see how car buying is done correctly.
Santa Fe Auto Showcase

3201 Rufina Street
Santa Fe, NM 87507